A quick Q&A with Çâline with C

We hit up Çâline with C for a chat before her set tomorrow night at the Novmeber Apron Takeover at the Haggerston
Çâline With C in the studio
Çâline with C, how are you? Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I wear many different hats during the days. I am a DJ, producer, sound engineer and I also offer mastering services - in that way I can feed my knowledge back into community and elevate the music of emerging artists in the scene. Recently I started releasing music under Electrifying Impact, which is also the name of my studio. Check out my record “New Stone” and keep an eye on more things coming up. The next biggest exciting new endeavour is “with C” which is an upcoming makeup brand. I am blessed with incredible people around me and we are creating “with C” together.

You're a musician and a DJ, when did you get into this?

I've been hearing songs & melodies in my head since I was a child, but I started electronic music production and DJ’ing 8 years ago. I learned how to produce music and most importantly how to listen, both, independently and in academic settings.

What tunes have you been playing out recently that you've been feeling the most and what can we expect to hear from you at The Haggerston on Saturday?

“Vagabond - You Know How” and my buddy’s track “DJ JM - Syze”.
I have different sides of me and how I play, but for Saturday I’m thinking funky and uplifting vibes for us to enjoy.

If you could collaborate with anyone musically, who's the dream?

I would love to hit the studio with Equiknoxx, Shanique Marie is a badass and I would be humbled to learn from someone like her. Also because I love a studio session that is full of life, in a group setting having fun rather than creating individually in a closed studio space, which happens often with electronic music producers. But then also would love to explore the merge of footwork and r&b with DJ MANNY aand, have Charli XCX as a tutor for creating a hyperpop diva manifesto anthem and record/mix vocals with Ann Mincieli.

As previously mentioned, you’re playing the Apron Takeover this Saturday; but for those who are out of town, where else can we catch you soon?

Catching is a good word cause I might be running from winter. So I’d just say stay updated, it depends how far away I run, maybe you can catch me.. lol. Either way there is lots of new music coming up! 

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us! Are there any words of wisdom or shoutouts you would like to make?

Take care of yourself and create beauty xx c u soon!!
November 2023 Apron Takeover at The Haggerston Flyer
Come to the Haggerston tomorrow (25th) to catch Çâline with C alongside Steven Julien, Mr Redley and Rixon D at the November Apron Takeover



438 Kingsland Rd
E8 4AA
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