A quick Q&A with Chloëdees

Ahead of her set at Tomorrow's Apron Haggerston takeover, we caught Chloëdees for a quick Q&A
Hi Chloëdees, we hope you’re good? tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Doing well on this lovely grey day! I’m a born & raised East London gyal living in Los Angeles. Primarily I DJ, I create audio documentaries and projects, I also creatively consult for artists and connect folks across continents to develop ideas.

How did this all start?

Started officially DJing 8 years ago however I learned to spin vinyl, construct radio shows and curate sounds from age 15. My parents being first gen Caribbean in London were heavily involved in the music scenes so naturally it was part of my upbringing. Attending The BRIT School and Howard University helped hone in on my ‘fingers in many pies’ type workflow which is noticeable in my work today.

Your NTS show Cinnamon Sounds is pretty diverse, from RnB and House to Techno and Broken Beat, what are you playing recently?

I’ve always been House leaning, my homies put out dope music so I use my platforms to support a lot of it.  The latest releases from Dolfin Records and BIYDIY are always on my USB. Early 90’s Piano and deeper House are always getting a spin. If you catch me bopping on my headphones my 2 moods are either Jazz or Trap so I might be playing anything from Sonny Rollins to Veezee or ICYTWAT. 

You've had many guests featured on your show, who would be your dream guest?


You’re playing the Apron Takeover at the Haggerston this month, where else can we catch you soon?

Howards in Austin, Texas on Oct 14th, I’ll also be playing an all vinyl set Upstairs at Public Records in NYC on Nov 3rd

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us! Are there any words of wisdom or shoutouts you would like to make?

Hard work and determination has gotten me this far so shoutout God for giving me the faith, strength and belief. Big up Mum & Lingo, the trifecta. A wise well-known global DJ once told me, “Keep fighting the good fight,” and that’s exactly what I’mma keep doing!

Come to the Haggerston tomorrow (30th) to see Chloëdees alongside Tommy GoldDamali Tyson and Rixon D



438 Kingsland Rd
E8 4AA
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