A quick Q&A with Fatima

We caught up with Fatima for a chat before her "Maple Syrup Waffle" set tomorrow night at 2024's first Apron Takeover at the Haggerston
Fatima by Fabrice Bourgelle
photo by Fabrice Bourgelle
Fatima! How are you? Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Good afternoon 🙏🏽 

I’m an artist/writer. I run Fatima’s Maple Syrup Waffle Show - monthly on NTS & DJ on rare occasions.

You're a singer/musician abut have been DJing a fair amount recently, when did you get into this?

I've always been music obsessed and interested in DJing. Too many times I’ve felt like requesting tunes but since I don’t wanna be that woman I had to start playin & create my own sound space. I love sharing my favourite tunes and championing lesser known artists as well. Whatever’s quality goes! I love the radio format (s/o all my Waffleliers!) and it’s something special feeling peoples energy & seeing them connect to the selection in the parties

What tunes have you been playing out recently that you've been feeling the most and what can we expect to hear from you at The Haggerston on Saturday?

I’m an openminded person & when it comes to music I play alot of soulful and hard sounds..I can’t lie, I do play alot of rap but I usually represent some R&B in there, maybe sprinkle some drill, some spacey jazz shenanigans with a side of cartoon madness, whatever’s good! Past sounds into present…

I’ve been feelin the latest 21 Savage album lately, played Prove It in the club the other night which was a sweet moment for the hopeful romantics out there. Besides that I’ve been enjoying the BossMan Dlow takeover. Motivational rap at it’s finest! There’s way more to mention of course, come Saturday and find out! Get in with me! 

If you could collaborate with anyone musically (that you haven't already), who would it be?

The Clark Sisters

As previously mentioned, you’re playing the Apron Takeover at the Haggerston this month; but for those who are out of town, where else can we catch you soon?

You all simply have to get tickets to London. My next performance is 9 March at Ninety One Living Room. I got the band with me & it’s going to be a mad reunion! Besides that I’m banking on some alien abductions, if I got any I’ll update you on any outer earth shows, hopefully within this galaxy…

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us! Are there any words of wisdom or shoutouts you would like to make?

What is for you shall not pass you.

Apron Takeover Feb lineup
Come to the Haggerston tomorrow (17th) to catch Fatima alongside Baby KikoKD22Lr and Rixon D at the February Apron Takeover

£5, FREE B4 11


438 Kingsland Rd
E8 4AA
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