Apron Records are pleased to team up with JUNK PLASTIC REHAB, the Italian sustainable emerging eyewear brand, to launch a singular "sweet" limited-edition pair of sunglasses.

The collaboration features JUNK's iconic “June” shape in a striking cola candy-hued colourway. This to-be-coveted piece encapsulates the extravagant spirit of both brands, merging style and sustainability in perfect harmony.

The limited-edition pair bears JUNK PLASTIC REHAB’s signature sterling silver logo trims. Meanwhile, the Apron-ideated cola candy-hued colourway adds a hand-finished touch to each fully eco-sustainable piece, maintaining the quality and mindful production process for which both brands are renowned.

Echoing Apron’s distinct musical flair, the sunglasses are personalised to make an effortless statement while seamlessly providing everyday comfort.

Launchin on the 10th of June at Groovin’ store, Rome, with a BRVTO powered launch party - flyer below.

Pull up!

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