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From South London to Outer Space.

~ Dreem Static: residual signal from machines in standby mode ~ 

Having conjured up a virtual paradise in his last release ‘The Technological Afterlife’ Quaid’s third long player ‘Dreem Static’ takes us on a machine-funk odyssey to inner space:

“Every good story has a dream sequence. Where the narrative gets deep & surreal. This is mine. I made all the music through this lens. I wanted the tracks to be connected thematically in mood - so there’s a thread if you listen all the way through. Hope u feel it. Sweet dreems.”

Recorded & Produced by J.Quaid at ‘The Odyssey’ London / Metropolis. Additional synths from Alex M. Mastered by Jason at Transition.

A1 Mirage
A2 Binary Starr
A3 idreamtaboutuagainlastnite
A4 Mystery (feat. Shepherd)
A5 Uncanny Valley

B1 Latent Heat
B2 Dinner with Angela
B3 City of Dreems

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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