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Steven Julien aka FunkinEven presents the long awaited debut album Fallen on his Apron imprint. Following a string of highly esteemed singles and collaborations with Kyle Hall, Delroy Edwards, Shanti Celeste and more, Fallen presents twelve perfectly sculpted tracks that perfectly draw parallels between club rooted house, jacking acid and eyes down funk. Now this is an album we are really excited about, ever since Kleer back in 2009, Bleep has been a fan of FunkinEven, and finally we are presented with his debut album under his name Steven Julien on his own label Apron Records. This 12 track long player, is split in to two halves, exploring the concept of yin and the yang, starting with his funk influences flexing on the dancefloor while his analogue techno squelches and distorts to the albums End. With his incredible collection of hardware that stacks the walls of his studio, he has used them as sonic tools to excavate and examine his vast array of influences, from boogie to pop to Chicago acid, he puts them under a magnifying glass blowing them to up large format, and uses them as building blocks to create an album that is timeless yet fresh.

1. Begins
2. Chantel
3. Carousel
4. XL
5. Marie
6. Oshun
7. Fallen
8. Jedi
9. Kingdom
10. Reficul
11. Disciple
12. End

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